The Great Escape

12 years ago I graduated from the University of Cape Town, with a degree in Finance + Economics. I left South Africa and headed for the US with $500, a suitcase of clothes and what I now realize, was a whole bunch of chutzpah. Looking back, the most surprising thing is that I wasn't MORE terrified. Somehow, leaving was far less scary than staying. 

The choice felt obvious,
There was no choice. 

The inner call had spoken and there was nothing I could do but follow it's lead.


The chutzpah paid off... that is, until I lost it. Great job, good life and yet, the clothes didn't seem to fit?!

I tried on gratitude for all my fortunes. I pushed through work that didn't light me up. I paid all my bills. I bought rocking shoes  and yet, it definitely felt like something was missing... I had an inkling, but fear made me look the other way. Then one day,

anxiety + insomnia came knocking. 

It was brutal. I would wake up in the middle of the night and feel like I was going to die. I cried in the bathrooms at work. Prayer became an all day practice.  I meditated more times than I ate, searching for a way out.  

The Journey Inward


For the first time ever, I had to look deep inside, bathe in the utter discomfort of everything and ask...

What am I meant for? What is this life about? 

Yoga + Meditation saved my life. The study of A Course in Miracles led me to my truth + everyday since then has become a practice in listening to my inner guidance, calming my mind + trusting.

We've all had that calling to go inward, to follow our hearts.  Sometimes it's a whisper, sometimes it's an avalanche.  And at times it feels like the risks are too high to follow that call.



I am

A Yoga + Meditation Teacher, Ordained Minister + Marketing Strategist to Heart Centered Entrepreneurs. 

I know that everything is bullshit unless you listen to your inner GPS, calling, whisper, gut (whatever you want to call it!) and by doing so, you can actually create a life that speaks to you wholeheartedly.

My work is to help others connect to that inner call, to thrive in that call + to be wildly successful in the work + life that they were meant for. 

Now that I've introduced myself, I'd love to get to know you a bit better. Send me a note, comment on my blog + lets connect on Facebook

Still interested in knowing me a little better? Check out "My Alternative" Resume Below. 


My Alternative Resume

  • Business School Grad & World Traveler
  • 10 years experience Climbing the Corporate Ladder (and going a little crazy!) 
  • Meditation Teacher:
    • Student of Meditation for 5+ Years guided by an eclectic array of spiritual teachers including Swami’s and Medical Intuitives
    • Trained in Inner Wisdom Counseling to help you Access your Inner Guidance
    • Facilitator of 8 Week Spiritual Awakening Course created by Pathways of Light 
  • Ordained Minister:
    • Certified by Pathways of Light to facilitate courses based on A Course in Miracles in groups or 1/1 coaching. 
  • Yoga Teacher:
    • 200+ Hours of Yoga Teacher Training
    • SmartFLOW Working with Beginners + All Level Classes - Annie Carpenter
    • SmartFLOW Advanced Intensive Training - Annie Carpenter
    • The Yoga of Breath- Richard Rosen
    • SmartFLOW Inversions Immersion - Annie Carpenter
    • SmartFLOW The Practice of Joy/ Mudita - Annie Carpenter + Trudy Goodman