The Beginning...

It's happening. A 6 day Silent Meditation Retreat... 

This Year I've decided to take on a new adventure. To study with as many meditation teachers as I can, document it + send love notes + videos along the way.  Because hey, my secret ambition is to be a "Zen" Travel Channel Host, so let's give it a bash!  ;-)

But seriously, I'm on a journey to free my mind. To follow my heart. To heed the call of my soul and it all begins with this 6 day retreat!! 

I have no idea what I'll discover. No idea what it will all mean or what the heck one does in 6 days of silence except that I can't not do it. 

The call to explore, to discover, to answer the questions of my heart... have all become too loud, to ignore. My hunch is that I'll be risking, opening + un-peeling layers.

Vulnerability has a silent power all of it's own + I have a sense it will be on it's way. 

The first teacher I've choosen to study with is Richard Miller, a world renowned PhD, Meditation Teacher + Creator of iRest, a type of yoga nidra profoundly powerful for trauma. I joined his silent retreat in San Diego, deeply intrigued by his work with VA centers in treating PTSD.

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What if there is another way?