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Meditation changed my life.         It can change yours too. 

3 Things to Know about a Silent Meditation Retreat

3 Things to Know about a Silent Meditation Retreat

#1: You will not be the Same

It’s True. Nothing feels the same or looks the same. It’s like you’ve come back and a different filter has been added to all your pictures, routines + experience. It’s all the same and yet… something is different. 

I could no longer “push” the way that I had. I traded in my 6 am workouts to sleep in + linger in the morning space with my lover + dog. 

I gave up my passion gig of teaching meditation on Saturday mornings to listen more closely to what my heart had to say. It wanted to sleep in. It wanted to rest and relish in a space of “being.” It assured me it would tell me when it was ready again and what that may look like. 

#2: You will crave Silence. 

It’s amazing how much superfluous language we use. And that comes from someone who’s job is in Communications… and loves to talk. After 6 days of silence, you begin to realize how much energy you leak in unnecessary comments, interactions + verbal observations. 

I’ve requested an hour of silence with my boyfriend after work when needed. It’s amazing how this space allows you to reconnect, calm and center again.

#3: You will see your life: both the good + bad more clearly

That problem you’ve been obsessed with… yup, that “one.” You finally realize that you’ve been expending energy on trying to solve it when in fact, its unsolvable. It’s time to move on, let it go and try something different. 

The pushing you’ve been doing to try succeed? It’s exhausting. And… it’s not really doing anything to get you where you want to be. 

Your man, dog, home (or whatever it is for you)… well, they’re awesome. More time with them feels… well good. Delicious. Inviting.Fulfilling. 

So skipping that workout to lazily hangout with them in the morning or jaunting to the beach to swim in the ocean under a full moon… that feels like where you want to be. That feels more like flow. 

For best of all… as you swap out all the “doing” for more “being,” you can start to hear your heart more clearly and that is how you get to where you want to be. 

The Last Day of Silence...

The Last Day of Silence...