Life is short, 

Stop living someone else's version.


Be Your Own Damn Guru


Create a Life YOU Love. 

It all starts with slowing down + tuning in.  I  specialize in helping successful (but secretly anxious) go-getters to clear away the crazy by reconnecting to your Inner Guidance + tuning back into what really matters to you. Join the conversation, drop in for Weekly Classes or invite us to your office for Corporate Calm Jam Session. 

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Join the Conversation 

It's not about getting it perfect. It's not about following the rules. And it's definitely not about listening to someone else. On my blog I share my travels down the spiritual path while navigating the realness + challenges of everyday life. I meditate, I learn, seek + connect. I get it wrong a lot... and so I suspect do you. 

More recently I've set out on an adventure to study with as many meditation teachers as possible. I'm calling it: "A Year of Meditation."  Subscribe + Follow Along. 

Weekly Classes

Curious but not sure where to begin? Get started with a quick 5 min meditation HERE  + come to class!

Join me Every Saturday for A Weekly Miracles + Meditation Jam Session to Build Community + Create Space. 

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Corporate Calm: Yoga + Meditation 

You’re a creative and innovative team. You believe you can change the world. You want to super-charge productivity + interpersonal relationships in your mission . Yoga + meditation may just be the critical ingredient you need to create a more mindful and conscious work environment.

Corporate Calm - Yoga + Meditation